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Cheese Straws

Delectable Cheese Straws

Here at Chinaberry Foods in Thomson, Georgia, the time for giving is not just during the holidays. Our savory cheese straws are a year-round gift remembered long after the package is opened and emptied.

Hand Pressed & Packed

These spicy cheddar wafers are a great Southern tradition. Freshly baked and easy to store in your freezer, they are made from scratch with real butter and a robust extra-sharp cheddar cheese. The square shape makes them excellent for shipping quickly and guarantees each box arrives in perfect condition.

Your friends and family will love digging into these spicy treats after all of the leftovers are gone. Freeze some for later and start all over again. You can't go wrong with cheese straws from Chinaberry Foods. Our wafers come in various sizes:

• 2- 4 oz. bags of Cheese Straws
$14.00 + S&H
Two 4 oz. bag of our delicious
cheese straws.
• 6-Ounce Bag
$10.95 + S&H
A 6 oz. bag of our delicious cheese
• 16-Ounce Box
(Approximately 6-Dozen per Box)
$23.95 + S&H
• 16-Ounce Gift Tin
(Approximately 6-Dozen)
$26.95 + S&H

Big Tom Bloody Mary Mix

If you've been searching for the best Bloody Mary Mix ever your quest is over!  Chinaberry Foods and Big Tom have joined together to bring you to a destination worthy of royal delight. In 2002 Big Tom Spicy Tomato Juice was granted a coveted Royal Warrant, as a supplier for no less than five years, to the British royal family. 

Big Tom is made with the finest Portuguese tomatoes, a special blend of 21 herbs and spices, a touch of lemon and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.  It's free of preservatives and low on sodium. Big Tom is not just an ordinary tomato juice - "It's bloody different!  In fact, so different that calling Big Tom a "tomato juice" is a bit like calling a Ferrari a "car" or reffering to Brad Pitt as "some guy".  It's simply the best Bloody Mary mix ever - Bloody Marvelous - every time.

Available in 25 Fl. Oz. Contact us in Thomson, Georgia, to get your juices flowing with Big Tom Bloody Mary mix from Big Tom Beverages, Inc.

Big Tom

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